System Overview

Dice Pool: Pretty straightforward, roll a number of dice equal to (Attribute + Ability) vs Difficulty. On the dice rolled, any result of 7-9 is 1 success, while a ten (0) is 2 successes.

Difficulties range from 1-5, though additional complications will raise the difficulty accordingly, e.g.:
Trying to climb along a narrow ledge may be an Athletics roll, Diff 3
Doing that in the rain, Diff 4
Doing that in the rain at night, Diff 5 or even 6

In other cases, you may need to make an Extended test: for example, Diff 3, roll 10 successes in 5 rolls. This is referred to as your threshold, or threshold successes. Any successes meeting or exceeding the difficulty count as threshold successes.
e.g., rolling four successes for a Diff 3 roll would count as threshold 2, one success for meeting the Diff 3 requirement and another for exceeding it.

Willpower: Spending 1 Willpower adds one (1) automatic success to your roll. This can be used only once per roll, before rolling the dice.

Virtues: By spending 1 Willpower, point to a Virtue relevant to this action/situation, and add that many bonus dice to your roll. This can be used only once per roll, before rolling the dice, and doesn’t stack with the auto-success from spending 1 Willpower.

Stunting: Describe the situation or your action — make it sexy — and gain between 1 and 3 bonus dice.

  • 1 bonus die: A good description of the action. Keep it short.
  • 2 bonus dice: A good description of your character interacting with the environment in some way. Keep it short.
  • 3 bonus dice: Singular acts of epic greatness, stunning bravado, and visual poetry that leave the other players slack-jawed in astonishment. If there’s doubt that this is a three-die stunt, it isn’t a three die stunt. Keep it short.

You can perform borderline impossible feats (running across heads of people in a crowd, barehanding a sword blade or arrow).

You can use this to do some “dramatic editing” — you can’t contradict something already established about this scene, but you can “reveal” some element… such as the banner you grab after leaping off a parapet.

Stunts related to your character’s Motivation may be raised by +1 dice, if dramatically appropriate.

If the action you’re stunting succeeds, you gain motes of Essence equal to 2x the stunt’s rating. For 2- and 3-die stunts, you may recover a point of Willpower instead.

You may see where this is going — the more and better Stunts you perform, the more motes and WP you have to keep you going during epic scenes.

Multi-Action Penalty: trying to do multiple things in a turn incurs a cumulative -1 penalty for each action; e.g., making three actions on one turn would incur a -3 penalty on the first roll, -4 on the second, -5 on the third. (For multi-actions in Combat, see Flurries.)

System Overview

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