Scarlet Empress

While little is known of the Scarlet Empress before she rose to power, it is known that she was serving as a soldier for the Shogunate of the Realm during what is now known as the Great Contagion. She, along with several other Dragon-Blooded officers, braved the Imperial Manse and used its control of the Realm’s ancient magical defenses to save Creation from the invading Fair Folk. She then crowned herself Empress of the Realm – using her control of the Realm defenses to crush all opposition—and proceeded to rule the world for the next 750+ years. Her disappearance five years prior to the current timeline of the Exalted universe has upset the status quo of Creation, and the return of the Solar Anathema has only complicated the situation.

The disappearance of the Scarlet Empress and the resulting Time of Tumult are often referred to as the Age of Sorrows. Perhaps the most curious thing about her disappearance is that since she has left no one can remember her name or history, not even Lunar or Sidereal Exalted that lived before, during and after her reign.


1. Jeresh – Died RY 44.
2. Rawar of Arjuf – Married RY 114. Died RY 370. Father of Ragara and Mnemon.
3. Nellens – Consort RY 227. Died RY 261. Father of Sesus and Ledaal.
4. Tepet – Consort RY 362. Disappeared RY 371.


1. Manosque – Born RY 130. Founder of House Manosque, which was put to the sword in RY 244. Manosque was presumably “formally disowned”, making the next in line, Ragara, considered the firstborn child of the Scarlet Empress.
2. Ragara – Born RY 139. Founder of House Ragara.
3. Sesus – Born RY 231. Founder of House Sesus.
4. Ledaal – Born RY 235. Founder of House Ledaal.
5. Mnemon – Born RY 369. Founder of House Mnemon and one of the most powerful Dragon-Blooded sorceresses in Creation.
6. V’Neef – Born RY 708. Founder of House V’Neef and youngest-born of the Scarlet Empress’ children. Since some of the members of House V’Neef are older than V’Neef herself, it is presumed that they were incorporated into House V’Neef either by including Lost Eggs into the House or by reassignment to House V’Neef by the Scarlet Empress.


Scarlet Empress

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