House Rules

House Rules: some of these are “gimmes” that circumvent trap charms/XP taxes and make everyone EPIC like I believe the game should be; others are simplifications or rule clarifications; a few others are SOP for most White Wolf games (when has anyone ever used RAW training times?).

We will be using the Scroll of Errata, as well as the revisions in Glories of the Most High and The Thousand Correct Actions of the Upright Soldier. Check these before using anything out of the core book (and others).

Boosts that make the game properly EPIC/Gimmes to avoid XP taxes:

  • Characters start with 4 excellencies and 7 charms instead of just 7 charms
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery comes with 3 free spells (Death of Obsidian Butterflies, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, and pick one other Terrestrial Circle spell from the core book)
  • Celestial Circle Sorcery comes with 1 free spell (TBD)
  • Ox Body charm is only taken once, you gain another free level of it for each dot of Essence over 2
  • Gain a -1 and -2 Health Level per dot of Stamina
  • Instead of Difficulty 2, Knockback has difficulty based on raw damage ([dmg dice/3] = difficulty) and knockback distance = 1 yd per remaining difficulty
  • Aggravated damage rolls count 10’s as two successes
  • Thaumaturgy specialties/arts cost 3xp per, not 10xp/5bp or 8xp/4bp (favored)
  • Linguistics grants 2 languages per dot above 3, instead of the normal 1
  • Non-Artifact armor will have a cost reduction
  • Crafting skills will have a cost reduction
  • Familiars will have a cost reduction or a quality improvement — no way should an intelligent cat have the same background cost as 5 mortals
  • Training times will occur at the speed of plot

Nerfs and Balance issues:

  • Piercing weapon quality is a flat -4 penalty, never reduces Soak below 2
  • Per Scroll of Errata, Spears, Javelins, Lances, and the Short Daiklave gain the Thrust [Th] tag; attacks can be Piercing at DV -2
  • Per Scroll of Errata, premade Combos are not available for starting characters, but they can build their own using Combo-OK charms
  • Speed Limit: Per Scroll of Errata, the lowest a Speed score can be reduced is 3
  • Characters cannot be taken below Incap in one attack
  • No Perfect defenses… we’ll talk after some XP has been spent
  • No Infinite (Ability) Masteries… we’ll talk after a few hundred XP are spent
  • Massive weapons have the heavy tag [H] (grand goremauls, grand daiklaives, etc). This increases the DV penalty of the weapon to -2 per action and adds 1 to onslaught penalties when parrying. This penalty goes away if your strength is 50% greater than the minimum required (rounded up).
  • Minimum damage is based on whatever is greater, the weapon’s Overwhelming damage or the weapon’s Artifact rating
    Lethal attacks that exceed hardness but not soak and have no Overwhelming tag have their damage changed to bashing after it is rolled
  • Recovering temporary Willpower rolls your highest Virtue, not just Conviction
  • When casting spells, characters can use Reflexive charms/actions during the Shape or Cast actions, despite what Shape Sorcery says
  • Void Avatar Prana does not exist. Sorcery Capturing Cords do not exist. There are no Charms above Essence 5.

Things that apply to other types of Exalt:

  • Magical beings (read: NPCs) have bonus health = Essence dots. These HL’s are -0 for Alchemicals and Lunars, -1 for Dragon Kings, Jadeborn, and Solaroids, and -2 for DB’s, ghosts, Sidereals, and Raksha. Spirits and behemoths have the type determined by their nature, half-bloods by their parent.
  • Twilight-caste anima ability always requires them to spend 5 motes to activate instead of 11; reduces dice, not level of damage
  • Lunar starting build is revamped, receives Deadly Beastform Transformation for free; probably won’t matter to you guys until they are knocking on your door

House Rules

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