Eso's Tale

The Red Reaver & The Black Clever

As Eso was preparing to leave for the House of Bells, the entire household was alive with excitement.

Eso was very nervous but also very excited. Today would be the start of a great new adventure that would allow him to prove his worth and bring his family great honor.

Tepet Ejava herself was going to be here to see him off, how exciting! There were even rumors that General Tepet Arada himself would perhaps make an appearance! Tepet Ramon would be here, of course and would Tepet Calsi… who they would be escorting him to the school…. it was going to be very awkward being alone with the two of them…. but Eso would make the best of it.

Leaving his shared bed chamber Eso almost tripped over a parcel wrapped in silk cloth and tied with a ribbon.

What could this be, thought Eso, as he looked closer, spying his name written on a small paper card.

It must be a gift of good fortune for me he mused. It would be rude to open such a gift alone, I will have to open it with the rest of the family. I wonder who sent it, they must be shy or embarrassed.

The send off gathering was very exciting, so exciting that Eso nearly forgot to open his present and didn’t until Tepet Ramon complained loudly (and rudely) that they would have to start traveling soon, or they would not make it to their destination in time.

Nervously Eso looked at the present wrapped in silk, secretly glad that the party had died down and there would be less of a scene…. he did wish that Tepet Ramon wasn’t standing so close.

Pulling the ribbon and sliding of the silk cloth revealed two Daiklaves one larger and of red jade, and the other, smaller, more curved and of black jade. What wonderful presents! Thought Eso…. who gave me just weapons?!

The only clue to the giver of the gift was on the backside of the paper card, which read in a angular script.

“Eso, may fame and fortune smile upon you. These swords are my gift to you to make up for anything I may have previously owed you. Consider this my debt paid in full. And remember that I shall always think of you, even when such memories remind me of great loss.”


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