Chapter 1: Graduation Day

Our final test went somewhat normal at first.

We were to collect as many criminal heads as possible, the team who gets the most wins. Simple and fun.

But at the first village we discovered that the criminals were dead…. but not quite fully. Ragara Dumat said they were zombies or the undead, very confusing

Well Ragara Dumat managed to handle that threat with grace and we collected the heads. Worried we went off to the next village.

There <john> and I snuck forward and saw a disturbing sight.

There was some of our fellow dragon blooded who had also fallen to this undeath curse!

Waiting for the others to catch up, we attacked as one, a group of fury and righteousness.

I think the fight went rather well from what I am told after.

There was a skull that was summoning monkeys, waves of undead (including dragonblooded), a giant crab monster and an unholy evil wizard.

I fought the wizard 1v1 for as long as I could, but he eventually took me down.

From what I hear I was able to hold him off long enough for Ragara Dumat to finish him.

After the fight we took his head and went back to the school….. only it was burned down…. which is bad.

I wonder what will happen next?


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